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Didier Bécet

21 october 1962 - 26 january 2012

Was a french artist sculptor, based in Tours.
In 1985, after graduating from art school with a major in visual art, he moved to San Francisco at the prestigious studios of ILM to meet model makers working on Star Wars, Blade Runner... In the same year he worked for Red Grooms in New York before coming back to France.
It isn’t difficult to recognize his style, he has always had a mischievous gleam in his eyes.
And if you plunge into his work of art, you discover a colorful wonderworld where imagination has taken over reality...

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The Project

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The Project

In tribute to Didier Bécet, 
his sons David and Adrien set out to revive the work of a lifetime, to make the world discover or rediscover the art of their father.

To do this they use the 3D scanning technologies of David Into The Pines studio, which allow to give a new dimension to the works.

The objective of the digital sale is to maintain, preserve and exhibit the original works.

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